12. 31

0.9.0 Released - Deployment support

PuGo 0.9.0 stable version is released. It contains many updates.

Deploy support

PuGo support deploy to other platforms, such as git, ftp and sftp. The build command can deploy compiled files directly:

$ ./pugo deploy ftp [--options]

More details in Deploy Doc.

New Theme

  • theme/uno - new theme that style copy from ghost’s uno theme.
$ ./pugo build --theme="theme/uno"

More Theme Functions

Avoid HTML escape in go:

<p>{{HTML "<span>html</span>"}}</p>

Build Correct Url:

<a href="{{fullUrl .Post.Url}}">{{.Post.Title}}</a>
<!-- http://domain/base/{{.Post.Url}} -->

International support:

<!-- read more or 阅读更多 -->
read more : {{.I18n.Tr "post.readmore"}}

Read I18n and Helper to get more details.