3. 25

0.10.0 Released - Major Release

PuGo 0.10.0 Beta is released. There are many major changes:

TOML support

PuGo support TOML to define meta and front-matter. And now, PuGo converts all default data to TOML instead of INI. But INI is continuing supporting.

You can read the new default meta.toml to learn about the TOML format.


PuGo add language files supports in source/lang directory. The default language files contains basic translated values for site. Language files support TOML and INI format.

Read Languages to learn how to write language file.

Then the global translation tool is added in template render.

Read International to use {{.I18n}}.

Deploy to Cloud Storage

deploy command add AWS S3 and Qiniu method. In cloud storage service, you can upload static files to serve public, and bind your domain to the cloud bucket. So just like running static website.

Read AWS S3 and Qiniu to try how to deploy.

Upgrade Changes

  • Comment setting changes:
; comment settings
site = your-site

Change to:

; comment settings
disqus = your-site
  • Template changes:

Some data objects and functions are changed. You need update your template in many cases.

Read this issue to learn details.

  • Meta data:

Now you must add an author in meta data. Read guide to get the data struct of author.

  • Command build flag value changes:

pugo build --theme="default" changes to pugo build --theme="theme/default". You need set full relative path to refer to theme.