PuGo support toml and ini as meta and front-matter in post or page. In Guide, it use toml as default. You can read them to write correct fields. This page explains differences in other formats.


ini is familiar to toml but more simple. So it need more words to describe some data.

In meta.ini:

- : home
- : about

; navigator to the link
link = "/"
; link title to fill text href element
title = "Home"
; i18n key if load i18n translation
i18n = "home"
; hover class to test whether is active of this navigation item
hover = "home"
; if blank is true, it forces browser to open new tab to display the linked page
blank = true


Same to navigation data:

- : pugo

; author'name, must be unique
name = "pugo"
; author's email, please be private as possible
email = ""
; author's link
url = ""
; author's avatar, optional. If empty, generate Gravatar image by email
avatar = ""
; author's profile 
bio = "the robot of pugo, who generates all default contents."