Global Variables

Global Variables are assigned in all templates and can be used directly.

Simple Data

{{.Version}} print PuGo’s version number.

{{.Root}} print full url path, such as, no ending slash.

{{.Base}} print base path. For example, when root path is, base path is /blog , no ending slash.

{{.Hover}} is current hover class in this page. You can use it to compare with hover class in navigation.

{{.Title}} is the title of this page, use in <title>{{.Title}}</title>. Default value is website name. In post or page, use its title.

{{.Desc}} is the description of this page, use in <meta>.

{{.PostType}} is the type of this page, including “index”,“post”,“page”,“archive”,“post-list”,“post-tag” and “tag”.

{{.URL}} and {{.PermaKey}} are the URL and perma keyword of this page.

Global Object

{{.Nav}} is navigation from Meta, use to render global navbar.

<ul id="nav-list">{{range .Nav}}
    <li class="{{if eq .Hover $.Hover}} hover{{end}}"><a href="{{.Link}}" class="link">{{.Title}}</a></li>{{end}}
<ul id="nav-list-with-i18n">{{range .Nav}}
    <li class="{{if eq .Hover $.Hover}} hover{{end}}"><a href="{{.TrLink $.I18n}}" class="link">{{.Tr $.I18n}}</a></li>{{end}}

{{.Meta}} is basic info from Meta, including Title, Subtitle, Keyword, Desc, Cover(cover image) and Language.

{{.Comment}} is comment option, including Disqus and Duoshuo.

{{.Analytics}} is analytics option, including Google and Baidu.

{{.I18n}} is i18n tool, use to render value to i18n value.

{{.I18n.Tr "nav.item"}}
{{.I18n.Tr "post.readmore"}}