Write New Post

To create a new post, run command:

pugo new post <title>

The new post file is created in source/post/[year]/<title>.md. For example:

pugo new post "this is a new post"

Result is source/post/2016/this-is-a-new-post.md.


Front-Matter provides some details to describe your writting. Now it supports toml and writes as a code block in markdown.

title = "this is a new post"

The full items:

# post's title
title = "this is a new post"

# post's slug link, use to generate visitable link
slug = "this-is-a-new-post"

# post's creating date
date = "2016-02-05 15:00:00"

# post's updating date, optional. If not set ,use creating date
update_date = "2016-02-05 16:00:00"

# author's name. It finds the proper author by name in meta.toml
author = "pugo"

# tags, optional, need be a array
tags = ["tag1","tag2"]

# thumbnail for this post, optional
# @media means finding the media in source/media directory
thumb = "@media/post-1.png"

Front-Matter support ini format.


The post’s content is markdown format. So just write it after toml block.

# title

the post content



All posts use template theme/default/post.html. If you need custom style, try to modify it.