3. 25

0.10.0 Released - Major Release

PuGo 0.10.0 Beta is released. There are many major changes:

TOML support

PuGo support TOML to define meta and front-matter. And now, PuGo converts all default data to TOML instead of INI. But INI is continuing supporting.

You can read the new default meta.toml to learn about the TOML format.

12. 31

0.9.0 Released - Deployment support

PuGo 0.9.0 stable version is released. It contains many updates.

Deploy support

PuGo support deploy to other platforms, such as git, ftp and sftp. The build command can deploy compiled files directly:

$ ./pugo deploy ftp [--options]

More details in Deploy Doc.

11. 20

0.8.0 Released - 'new' Command

PuGo 0.8.0 stable version is released. It contains some updates.

New Commands

  • new creates new site, post and page.

$ ./pugo new site
$ ./pugo new post

11. 14

0.7.0 Released - First Version

I’m excited to announce Pugo.Static 0.7.0 stable version. It’s the first version to public. So it finished all basic features and is reliable in production.